Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Park exhibit

Centrally located and at approximately 11 acres, Riverwalk Park is planned for the next phase of build out. The park is planned to contain two playgrounds, one intended for ages 2–5 and the other intended for ages 5–12. Two shelters and a gazebo will be installed to provide park users with an outdoor gathering place. It is planned to be a 2-mile trail system that will surround the proposed fish pond and interconnect the park to the future housing development. This trail is planned to then connect to a gravel trail that will run along the Goose River to the north of the park. As you can see from our exhibit, the intent of the gravel trail is to connect to existing trails on the east side of the interstate. This will connect the community and provide people with a safe way to access recreation facilities on both sides of the interstate. In the future, the trail will potentially extend to Mayville. In addition, a kayak boat launch is proposed on the east side of the site. Users will enter the Goose River near Mayville, and they will exit at the proposed launch in Hillsboro. These amenities will provide the community of Hillsboro with fun new ways to spend time outdoors. Construction for the project is expected to begin during the 2020 construction season.


  • Playgrounds
  • Fishing pier/lake
  • Gazebo
  • Public orchard
  • Picnic areas
  • Kayak/canoe launch
  • Connected multi-use paths running throughout