Living in Hillsboro

Traill County Museum in Hillsboro
Traill County Museum in Hillsboro

Many people are familiar with Hillsboro’s perfect location—nestled in between two of North Dakota’s largest cities, and conveniently located along Interstate 29, the railroad, and the banks of Goose River, surrounded by some of the world’s lushest and most fertile farmland.

Hillsboro is known for its top-notch school district with rising enrollments, modern facilities, and emphasis on technology, not to mention its fiercely intimidating mascot: The Burro! Hillsboro elementary school houses grades K–6th, with approximately 16 kids per classroom. Hillsboro High School houses 7th–12th grade, and has many sports activities for kids.

Residents of Hillsboro value a healthy living. There are many health and wellness activities available. From the fitness center, to the Goose River Golf Course, to the outdoor pool and running clubs, you are sure to find a fit for you and your family. Sanford Health Hillsboro Clinic is a full-service clinic staffed with doctors that know their patients by name.

We love Hillsboro because it has everything we need, from recreation to shopping to a variety of employment opportunities such as Sanford Health, the Traill County Courthouse, and Degelman Industries—and the smell of success from the nearby American Crystal Sugar plant wafts over the city on occasion. Yes, that’s what success smells like.

There’s a lot to love about Hillsboro: the location, the people, and the amenities. Experience Hillsboro for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it here, too.