About Us

Pat Muller is the third generation of Muller living in Hillsboro along with his children and grandchildren who live and work in town. Muller purchased the land where Riverwalk Subdivision now sits in 2012 with the intention to farm for years to come. In 2019, the city of Hillsboro approached him to possibly develop the land to provide additional housing and bring in new amenities to the community. Given Pat’s history with the town and his kids starting families of their own, he decided to work alongside the city and proceed.

With Muller’s strong German work ethics, he wanted to make this subdivision come to life and become a place for good clean living. He is very excited to help grow the community by bringing the younger families back home and for new people to discover small living in Hillsboro. When asked what he is most excited about with Riverwalk, Pat replied, “creating something unique for our children with opportunities for outdoor experiences”. Out of that dream, Riverwalk Subdivision was born. Come home to Riverwalk.


Riverwalk Development has utilized the services of the following organizations: